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Cranes classified as ‘City Cranes’ are suitable for use in any urban or suburban environment. The cranes are road legal and able to fit on almost any size road and are able to be driven into the heart of a town or city.

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20 Tonne Tadano TR-200M-4 City & Rough TerrainCrane

Main Boom 7.5m – 17.5m, hydraulic luffing fly jib 7.4m – 15.6m with 1 – 75 degrees offset giving a total boom length of 33.1m, with variable outrigger settings of 3.6m 5.8m, and a maximum lift of 20 tonne @ 3.5m radius. A unique rough terrain crane with 4 wheel steering for all your tight lift requirements. Suitable for working on suspended slabs with Engineers approval, and capable of lifting and walking loads.

Maximum lift
Main boom
Tadano TR-200M-4 20t City & Rough TerrainCrane details and specifications
Kato CR130Ri Product Image - Black&White

13 Tonne Kato CR130Ri City & Rough TerrainCrane

A rough terrain / city crane with 2wd/4wd capability, and independent front & rear steering, this is a versatile crane with it’s variable outrigger settings & a small footprint.

With a turn radius of just 3.92m (in 4 wheel steer) this crane is capable of getting into hard to reach places!

This crane offers versatility and ease of use with a variable offset jib.



Maximum lift
Main boom
Kato CR130Ri 13t City & Rough TerrainCrane details and specifications
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8 Tonne Tadano TR-80ML CityCrane

Main Boom 4.9m – 21.3m, variable outrigger settings of 2.1m – 4.4m with a maximum lift of 8 Tonne @ 2.5m radius. Our smallest  city crane with 4WD selection for all your tight lift requirements. Suitable for working on suspended slabs with Engineers approval.

Maximum lift
Main boom
Tadano TR-80ML 8t CityCrane details and specifications
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