ProEssayWriting Challenge: The Best Essay Gets a Prize!

ProEssayWriting Challenge: The Best Essay Gets a Prize!

ProEssayWriting Challenge: The Best Essay Gets a Prize!

This ProEssayWriting Challenge was a success that is huge! We received numerous essays from innovative and skilled students. We wish to encourage you all to compose more and publish your projects on blog sites. Your sounds ought to be heard.

Unfortuitously, we got few essays following the termination regarding the due date, plus some which were delivered in a contact without having the appropriate topic line. We wished to remain reasonable towards the guidelines and also the individuals whom accompanied them, therefore we didn’t just just take those entries under consideration.

Now, in regards to the nutrients. Do you observe that all our subjects revolved around creativity and education? We wished to motivate pupils to provide their very own views. They continuously criticize the system that is educational however their sounds aren’t being heard. We wished to offer you the opportunity to express your viewpoints in a natural, uncensored type. Two subjects attracted the most attention:

  • “Teleported to 2050: what’s going to Education seem like?”
  • “The part of moms and dads within the academic procedure”

The smallest amount of topic that is popular “Is Bing A appropriate supply of Knowledge?”, but we received few extraordinary entries on that theme, too.

As guaranteed, our company is posting the winning essays.

1. The fisrt champion is Gloria Ndukwu from Nigeria with essay “The part of Parents when you look at the academic Process”

3. The winner that is third Aditya Chaudhuri from Asia with essay “Is Bing an appropriate Source of real information?”

Congratulations into the champions!

This might be our message into the staying individuals: Keep writing! Terms offer you energy!

You don’t have any motivation to show your writing skill? Your professors assign boring topics, and additionally they don’t value your time and effort. You compose your most useful paper, and also you have points onto it. Points! Then chances are you need certainly to finish other research projects and learn hard to obtain more points regarding the exam.

We’ve simply the inspiration you want. an award! You finally have explanation to exhibit your skill having an essay subject.

You imagine you’re outstanding essay author? Show it!

Oops, we now have a deadline, too!

We all know the way you hate due dates. They truly are the worst. But, this time, you’ve got a inspiration. Plus, there’s tons of the time so that you could explore certainly one of our subjects and compose your distribution.

We accept submissions from November 25, 2016 through February 10, 2017.

We’ll notify and declare the champions by 20, 2017 february.

Who is able to enter this competition?

Everyone Else! There’s absolutely no entry cost for the competition! All you have to do is accept our challenge and follow our directions.

There are not any age and limits that are geographical! You are thought by it is possible to compose? That’s all it can take in order to become area of the ProEssayWriting Challenge.

exactly exactly What should you come up with?

We looked at interesting topics which will stimulate you to definitely think and compose artistically and critically. All subjects are pertaining to education, we can solve the problems in the current educational systems since we want to get your opinions on how. See? You’ll have actually the opportunity to win an excellent reward, but you’ll additionally ensure you get your voice heard. An opportunity is had by you which will make modifications.

choose one regarding the after topics. Please, don’t alter the subject you decide on.

  1. Teleported to 2050: Just What Will Education Seem Like?
  2. Is Bing a relevant supply of real information?
  3. The Problems of Academic Composing: How Come Pupils Have Trouble With It?
  4. The situation with Popular Core Guidelines: Exact Exact Same Expectations from Various Pupils
  5. The part of moms and dads when you look at the Educational Process
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of Online training: can it be using the academic System within the Right Direction?

  8. Pupil Disrespect for Teachers: Reasons and Impacts

The Prizes

Three individuals gets awards:

  1. $1000 for the Winner
  2. $500 for the 2nd spot
  3. $250 for the place that is 3rd

We shall publish these three essays on, and we’ll promote them via social networking networks. You have got the opportunity to obtain not just a reward, but visibility, too. The planet we see just what a writer that is great are.

Who’ll Be the Judge?

The writers from all of us are far more than qualified to evaluate your essays. We find the top PhD authors from ProEssayWriting to gauge the essays and select the winners that are lucky. Your choice will be according to teamwork. The judges will see the essays completely, after which they will certainly talk about their quality.

Give Consideration: Submission Recommendations

  • Term count: 800-1000 terms. Please keep your distribution inside this expressed word count. All entries reduced than 800 and longer than 1000 terms may be disqualified.
  • We accept the file that is following: MS term (.doc, .docx, .rtf and .odt). You may be able to consist of images inside the essays, entirely if there is the right to utilize them.
  • No plagiarism: All submissions must be 100% original. We will check out the content through advanced plagiarism detection computer computer software. If you use quotes, be sure to reference them.
  • Language: because of this competition, we just accept submissions written in English.
  • Only 1 entry per prospect. Choose one of this subjects and compose one essay.

How exactly to Enter

Write your essays and deliver it in a e-mail message to [email protected], utilizing the following topic line: “Essay composing Challenge”.

Now’s your opportunity to shine being a journalist. We can’t wait to see just what you come up with! Finally, you’ve got great inspiration to create a brilliant paper.

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