13 Tonne Kato CR130Ri City & Rough Terrain Crane

Kato CR130Ri 13t City & Rough Terrain Crane

A rough terrain / city crane with 2wd/4wd capability, and independent front & rear steering, this is a versatile crane with it’s variable outrigger settings & a small footprint.

With a turn radius of just 3.92m (in 4 wheel steer) this crane is capable of getting into hard to reach places!

This crane offers versatility and ease of use with a variable offset jib.



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Maximum lift
Main boom
Main boom (with fly)
3.6m - 5.5m
1.6m Retracted, 2.7m,3.7m, 4.3m Intermediate, 4.75m Fully Extended
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This chart has general information and does not include all configurations. Our advice is free so contact us to discuss your options.