300 Tonne Grove GMK6300 All Terrain Crane

Main Boom 15.5m – 60.0m, with 19-51m fixed + 21-61m luffing fly options with Lift Enhancing System attachment to meet all 400t requirements. 6 axle crab steer all terrain mobile crane with 1.4 tonne capacity at 84m radius. Maximum lift of 300 tonne @ 2.8m radius, with variable outrigger settings of 6.0m – 8.5m.

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Maximum Lift 300t
Main Boom 60m
Fly Swingaway 11-19m / Fixed 19m-51m / Luffing 21m-61m
Counterweight 100t

This chart has general information and does not include all configurations. Our advice is free so contact us to discuss your options.

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